Sheet Metal and Fabrication

The experienced fabricators at Hill’s Classic Car Restoration take great pride in the work they do. The tools and equipment at their disposal, along with their skills, allow for just about any kind of custom metal work to be performed.

Metal, Body, and Paint

A great restoration facility can turn your dreams into a reality when they have the proper tools and personnel for the task.

Once we assess the needs of the car and determine the level of restoration the customer wants, we begin the dis-assembly process. This includes taking several pictures of the car and carefully inventorying and cataloging every item as we remove it. We understand that many items are one of a kind and irreplaceable so great care goes into the dis-assembly process.

Once all of the parts have been removed from the car, we then strip the car body to bare metal. This is the most revealing part of the restoration process. When the car is completely stripped, all of the imperfections are visible. At this stage, we can now accurately assess the metal and body work that will be needed to prepare the car for painting.

After all the cutting, patching, welding and shaping are done, it is sent to our body shop where the process of preparing the car for paint begins. This is the tedious process of making every panel on the car as straight and smooth as possible.

The actual body work consists of many, many steps of priming and sanding.

Once all of the bodywork is done, it is time for paint. Hill’s Classic Cars uses a state of the art down-draft paint booth. Our down-draft booth is used only for the final stages of painting. We use other paint booths for our priming and bodywork stages. This helps to eliminate dust and other particulates that can flaw a paint job. The end result is a beautiful paint job on a body that is ready to head to our assembly department.

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