Assembly and mechanical

During the final stages of restoration, the cars are assembled in our 10 bay garage. From mechanical components to interior trim parts, this is the most fruitful stage of the restoration. All of the indexing, cataloging, researching and digital pictures that were taken during the dis-assembly are now used to guarantee that the car goes back together properly down to every last detail including factory markings.

To manage the restoration project as efficiently as possible, much of the mechanical work is done while the body is still being worked on. This allows us to assemble the chassis, suspension and drive-train and have it ready when the body is finished. Whether we are restoring a street-rod, a daily driver or performing a concourse restoration, we do not overlook any detail. Even parts that won’t be seen are installed with care and attention to detail.

Once the chassis is ready and the body is prepared, it’s time to put the body back on the frame.

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