Used and NOS Parts

Hill’s Automotive stocks classic Ford Thunderbird parts for sale worldwide. As a well-known and respected parts distributor for ‘55- ‘57 Thunderbirds, Hill’s Automotive has all the Thunderbird parts you’re looking for at our Thunderbird Center.

We love restoring classic Thunderbirds. Because of our passion for first generation Thunderbirds, classic car owners come to Hill’s Automotive when they need replacement parts for their Thunderbirds. Hill’s Automotive offers a complete line of reproduction, NOS and used parts for 55-57 Thunderbirds. We also carry NOS Sheet Metal.

New Old Stock (NOS*)

*refers to obsolete parts that have never been sold at retail.

Browse through our used parts for sale, as listed below, and give us a call. Though there are thousands of parts, some are limited in supply, so please be aware that we cannot guarantee a particular part.

Used Parts for Sale

  • 1955-57 hardtops and softtops
  • 1955-57 air cleaners
  • 1955-57 front and rear bumpers
  • 1955-57 radios
  • 1955-57 engines
  • 1955-57 doors, hoods and trunk lids available
  • 3-speed transmission
  • Auto Shifter
  • 1955 3-speed transmission/ OD
  • 1955-57 automatic transmission
  • 3-speed shifter and linkage
  • 1955-57 jacks
  • 1955-1957 rear quarter panels
  • 1955-57 distributor
  • Original metal air ducts
  • 1955/57 power steering set-up
  • 1955-57 fan shrouds
  • 1955-57 original (aluminum) polished valve covers
  • 1955-57 front fenders
  • Deflector side metal- right side(#8104) left side(#8105)
  • Inner fenders
  • Rims (wheels)
  • Original stainless trim
  • 1957 lower gravel shield ends right (#17198) left (#17199)
  • New power window setup. See parts catalog.
  • New manual window scissors 1955-57. See parts catalog.
  • 1955-57 engine setup, engine & automatic transmission, complete fan, pulleys, exhaust manifold, carburetor, air & valve covers.

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