Restoration Process

Restoring a car is a long process which involves many different stages, some of which may require lengthy stays in certain areas of the shop. Our goal is to follow the progress of this car as it makes its way through a complete body-off restoration in our shop. As in any restoration, the pictures will not adequately demonstrate all the aspects of the restoration because there are too many to record, photograph, and post. However, this page should give an idea of the detailed process an automobile must go through in order to become an owner’s “dream come true”.

Beginning when a car comes in is the tedious process to assess the car, document parts, and make a plan for taking apart the automobile and distinguishing what priorities need to take place in order to keep the restoration process timely. Careful planning is very necessary in this stage. Below are some photos of a 1960 Ford Sunliner as it came to our shop for a complete restoration.

First, pictures of the car are taken before being disassembled and all parts are documented. Please note that many pictures are taken during the restoration process. You are seeing only a small sample of a very time consuming process.

On this particular car all nuts, bolts, and intricate details were documented. Even though this is time consuming, this detailed documentation lets the owner know about every aspect of the restoration and it also helps when it comes time to reassemble the car.

Once the car has been disassembled, properly documented, and assessed, it is then time to prioritize and map some of the time consuming aspects of the restoration which are done off-site, such as the interior and re-chroming. Then the careful work of stripping the paint, working on fits, sanding, and body work begin.

The following are pictures demonstrating the progress the car is making in the restoration process. The frame, after sandblasting, gets painted. The body of the car, after needed repairs and sandblasting, is painted. The many parts are cleaned, inspected, and repairs are performed, if needed. The interior and chrome work has been sent out for restoration, and each area of the shop continues assessing, working , and completing each detail of the restoration. Then comes the assembly of the car after the long months of restoring and scrutinizing each and every aspect of the restored elements of the vehicle.

Below are some pictures of the finished restoration. The car is thoroughly checked, rechecked, and driven a small amount to make sure all aspects of the vehicle are in correct working order. The final step is delivery or pick-up of the newly restored automobile.

As stated before, the total restoration of an automobile is a long process in which many people are involved who take pride in their craft and expertise. The end result, from our shop, usually means quality in excess and an award winning restoration.

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