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1969 Mach 1/2013 Shelby Resto-Mod Conversion

To view the full restoration and modification visit the 1969 Mach 1/2013 Shelby Resto-Mod Conversion dedicated page!

1956 Thunderbird Resto-Mod

Thunderbird convertible top restoration

We treat each car as if it was our own, in this video you can see this Thunderbird top, that has already been restored, getting its first coat of paint!

1957 Thunderbird Gunmetal Gray Resto/mod

This is another car that we have been in the process of restoring for one of our customers. This is a 1957 Thunderbird that is getting a full body-off resto-mod. This car will have a 302 engine, Borgeson steering, AOD transmission, power disk front brakes, electric fan cooling system with the AC, hard top and a soft top, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth.

Our meticulous paint jobs. You can shave in your reflection with our paint jobs. This car will be an award winner when we are completed with it.

1957 Gray Supercharged Resto/mod

1957 White Supercharged Thunderbird

The frame has been restored and the engine and transmission also. Now we take the body off the rotator and place it on the frame.

Now we maneuver the frame, engine, and transmission out in the open so the body can be slowly lowered on to it.

The body has been taken off the rotator and is lowered onto the frame. Then when everything is aligned properly it will be bolted down.

1957 Star Mist Blue Supercharged Thunderbird

To read more about it visit the “F” Thunderbirds dedicated page!

1957 Willow Green Thunderbird Frame-up Restoration

This will start a new section called 1957 Willow Green Thunderbird Frame-up Restoration. Background info for it is as follows: Rare Willow Green exterior, Cumberland and Willow interior, white porthole hard top and black soft top. This car is equipped with 312 engine, four barrel carburetor, automatic transmission, power steering, dial-o-matic seats, power brakes, fender skirts, dress-up kit, Town and Country radio, and 5 wide white wall radial tires on wire wheels. This car is receiving a frame-up restoration from Hill’s Classic Cars.

1957 Supercharged D/F Code Thunderbird Frame

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