1969 Mach 1/2013 Shelby Restomod Conversion

This car, when finished, will look like a 1969 Mach 1, but it will drive like a 2013 Shelby.

Check out our videos of the process and read the whole process!

We started out with a 1969 Mustang body. Then, it was installed onto a 2013 Shelby Mustang engine and chassis.

This “new” car will have a 2013 Shelby 5.8 V-8 super-charged 680 hp engine, with a 6 speed transmission, computer controlled adjustable suspension, Shelby dash, A/C, suede leather A/C and heated seats, custom magna-flow exhaust, Boss 429 hood scoop, custom ground effects, AM/FM stereo, satellite radio, and Bluetooth.

This hood is the original from the 1969 Mach 1 which had to be widened to accept the larger engine compartment and suspension components from the 2013 Shelby. Also, we added a 1969 Boss 429 hood scoop.

Preparing the body for primer.

Right and left hydraulic cylinders were installed for the hood.

The side mirrors have been installed and the windows. The hood scoop is in place. Special holes were made that were recessed to allow for the hood scoop. Holes had to be made for vents to allow the air to circulate.

The new door latches and door handle mechanisms had to be rebuilt to fit the computerized anti-theft and locking system.

The body is primered with polyester primer so it can be block sanded to make the body lines straight.

The windshield has been re-installed along with the chrome strips around the frame to make sure they fit properly.

This is the final primer coating called Tech Prime before the paint is applied.

The doors, hood, trunk and fenders have all been coated with the final coat of Tech Prime prior to paint.

The seam sealer has been applied to the body on all the cracks and crevices so moisture can not cause the body to rust. The engine has been masked off and is ready for paint.

The body has its final coat of base coat black before wet sanding.

The doors, fenders and other various parts have been painted and are ready for wet sanding.

The wet sanding has started.

More interior work includes carpet installation, pedals are installed, rear stereo speakers and the dash.

The interior has been completed, along with the dash components. The outside insignia have been placed and the car will be polished, buffed and sent home.

The finished product.

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