1967 Chevy Impala Supersport Convertible

This car will have a full body-off Concours restoration starting with the frame. When finished, this car will be built to be a top show car and driver.

Black exterior, white interior and white convertible softtop. Interior will be restored and gauges in working order.

The body was sent to American Metal Cleaning Inc. to be dipped in acid to remove all paint, primer, and filler. The car comes back completely clean.

Body has been acid dipped, cleaned, and all body fillers and seam sealers removed. Body has been mered with self -etching primer and urethane primer. Parts were all detailed, primered and painted.

These are the quarter panel repairs and rust hole repairs. We, also, did spot welding to the body to repair weak spots in the metal.

More repairs to the rear quarter panels, the cowl area, and rocker panels.

The grill is prepared to be sent off to be re-chromed.

Blocked and primered almost ready for paint.

The bottom of the car body is sprayed with factory charcoal gray/black urethane primer.

This procedure is the seam sealer and final preparation before the car body is painted.

This is the car body after its first coat of paint.

These are the doors, quarter panels, hood and trunk after the first coat of paint.

The interior trim, hood latch, steering column, inner fenders, radiator support, rear end, front suspension parts, and frame all painted to the correct factory eggshell finish. The inside of the trunk painted to factory speckled finish.

Starting with the painted frame, reassembly has began.

Placing the body onto the frame is a very meticulous procedure and is a required group effort.

The engine will have all the old primer removed and be stripped down to the bare metal and repainted with the correct Chevrolet orange.

The trunk hood is installed and in working order.

The wiring is being installed and the tail lights are installed, also.

The miscellaneous parts are primered and ready for the next coat of paint.

This is the rebuilt engine after it has been cleaned and prepped for paint. After pictures of the engine painted Chevrolet Orange. This is a 327, 275 hsp, 4 barrel, 2 speed Power Glide transmission.

The new windshield has been installed along with the steering column and some of the dash components and wiring.

The transmission and radiator shroud are being sanded down to bare metal ready to be painted.

The transmission has been stripped, polished and buffed to a high shine and ready for its first coat of primer. The rear windows are installed and in working order.

Painted grill and radiator shroud along with miscellaneous engine parts.

The frame work for the convertible top is disassembled for paint and all of the seals will be replaced when it is re-assembled.

The before pictures of the convertible frame. Then it is sprayed with a coat of etching primer on the bare metal surfaces in preparation for the coat of semi-gloss black.

Assembly has started on the engine so it can be placed back into the engine compartment.

The engine is back in place in the engine compartment.

Parts that have been painted semi-gloss and ready to be re-assembled and put back on the car.

The convertible frame is placed back on the car, after being painted, to make sure everything is aligned correctly and the top will function properly.

The painted fenders are in place.

The grill and the headlights are in place.

The restored hood is in place along with the radio antennae and windshield washer sprayers.

The carpet and the dash are almost finished on the interior. The grill and pieces around the headlights are installed. The radiator and the fan are installed.

The middle console has been installed along with the steering wheel. The kick panels have been painted and will be ready to install, also.

The trunk is almost finished and the convertible top is finished and installed

Culmination of many months of hard work shown here in the finished car. These pictures show the interior, dash panel, console, door panels, and the finished front end.

After the long months of hard work, it has been completely restored.

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