1966 Chevy Nova

This project is a resto-mod show quality driver. We are performing a partial body-off restoration on this car. Work will include, but not be limited to, paint and body work, chrome-work, and polishing all stainless, installing a new stainless exhaust, installing new glass throughout, and re-wiring the car in-house. We are also installing four wheels with radial tires, four wheel disc brakes, in-dash A/C, AM/FM stereo with touch-screen, GPS and many other details that will be mentioned as the restoration progresses. The interior will be fully restored by Jackson Custom Upholstery.

Smoothed firewall. Fit engine and inner fender. Fabricated custom radiator shroud.

Primered the body and rechromed the emblem.

Body lines are straight, seams sealed so the blocking and priming can start.

The body of the car is now sprayed with polyester feather-fill to seal, smooth, and finish before the final steps prior to paint.

New after market billet aluminum hinges were installed for the hood and grill, front-end sheet metal was fit, and the front head light bezels were fitted.

The rear end, rack and pinion steering, and the rear end support were all primed and painted to look like new.

The engine cradle and the headlight buckets are sprayed with primer.

The underside of the car body has been smoothed out and primed.

Parts painted after they have been primed to protect from rust.

Body is being wet sanded after primed so it can be primed again before it is painted.

The cracks and crevices are all painted with seam sealer so it prevents water from running into them and creating rust in the crevices and along the seams.

The doors, hood, trunk, and other parts are hung in paint booth ready to be painted.

This is the body after its first coat of black.

The rear end and the front sub-frame after it has been painted.

The parts are now painted black base coat.

The body has been wet sanded and buffed to a high gloss shine.

Sanding and blocking out the trunk . Then a coat of primer is sprayed on and it will be ready for paint.

The hood and the trunk have been wet sanded and is ready to be buffed to a high shine.

The seat tracks are painted and ready to re-install. The wheels and tires have been placed on the car. The tires are on billet specialty 5-spoke rims with 20″ tires on back and 18″ tires on front.

The air ride system has been installed for the suspension.

The modern engine, which is a GM LS3 fuel injection system, has been placed back into the engine compartment. This car will, also, have a 4L60E automatic transmission.

This classic 1966 Nova SS resto-mod has been re-assembled and is complete and ready to go home to its owner.

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