1957 White Thunderbird

Body on driver restoration with options that will include work on the interior, exterior, engine, brakes, and the transmission.

We will begin by stripping the body down to the bare metal so that all existing paint, putty and body filler will be gone.

The body has been stripped of all paint and putty. We now have a clean surface to start the body work.

The car body is placed on the rotater and the entire body has now been stripped. The under-side of the body has been stripped and is ready to be sand blasted.

Some of the metal that had to be replaced due to extensive damage to the body.

The first coat of primer is done so the rest of the body work can commence.

The before and after pictures of the frame.

Various parts, that have been coated with primer and painted black, are ready for reassembly.

Various parts that have been painted and waiting for reassembly

Various parts that have been painted and waiting for reassembly

The final project is completed and ready to go home. This car will be shown at the Arthritis Foundation in Columbus, OH on July 8, 2017 and it will, also, be shown at the CTCI show in New Jersey on August 2-6, 2017.

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