1957 White Thunderbird

This 1957 Thunderbird is a body-on driver restoration.

This car will have a white exterior, black and white interior, a white hardtop, 312 engine, four barrel carburetor, power steering, automatic transmission, power windows, power seats, power brakes, TC radio and fender skirts.

The old paint is stripped off down to the metal, and the was body cleaned, repaired, and primed.

The body is down to bare metal and it is ready for primer.

The body is being primed to protect the metal and preparing it for paint.

The body of the car is primed and ready for wet sanding.

The body is now being painted.

The parts are being primed and the dash is being dyed, also.

The body after it has been painted white.

The body of the car has been wet sanded, buffed and polished.

This is a wide block, 4 barrel, 312 cu. in. Jasper re-built engine.

The engine has been placed and assembly on the engine compartment continues.

The new window with the wing window is installed and the dash is placed.

The front and back bumpers being assembled. The front grill has been placed. The drop curtain is placed and the dust deflector on the rear bumper is placed. The tail lights have been assembled and placed.

Fine tuning to the engine and it is totally re-assembled. Final detailing will be performed and it will be ready to go home.

Going into the trailer for the long journey home fully restored and detailed.

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