1957 Thunderbird “F” Series Black

This car came to us in decent shape, but the owner wanted a top show car. This is a “F” series (super-charged) Thunderbird that will be restored with black exterior, red interior, black porthole top and soft top, 312 engine, 3 speed transmission, T&C radio, and fender skirts. This will be built to be a top show car using CTCI standards and Excellence in Authenticity Award requirements.

Disassembly has been started on the body and various parts are being sanded and primed.

The car body has had all imperfections sanded and repaired, and is now on the rotator getting its final coats of primer, then sanded for the final time prior to the paint.

Here you will see the convertible hard top prior to restoration. The frame has been sanded and painted, along with the hood. The engine is getting ready to be painted, also.

These next images are of the various painted parts in the paint booth drying, then the body after it has been painted and buffed to a high shine. Then the painstaking process of placing the restored body back onto the restored frame, which is a team effort. The hood has been painted and reassembled, along with the other parts like the grill and headlights.

These are the final shots inside our shop of this beautiful Thunderbird. You see the dash that has been restored and reassembled, plus the door panels. Gorgeous wide white wall tires were placed on the restored rims. Because of rainy weather, it was not taken outside for formal beauty shots. This classic will be taken to the CTCI Regionals going on right now.

This 1957 “F” Bird is in it glory at this years CTCI Regionals that were held in New Jersey this year. This gorgeous Thunderbird received, out of a 300 point system, a 299.5 and brought home the Primary Original Award, Gold and Gold Medallion Awards, and took the Excellence in Authenticity Award.

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