1957 Bronze Thunderbird

Our shop is performing a partial restoration along with some engine work. This car has already been painted by another shop and we are reassembling the entire car so it is safe to drive.

312 engine was re-installed in the car after the transmission work was completed.

The new fire wall pad has been installed along with the new disk brakes. The dash has been painted and is almost ready to install.

The frame for the convertible is being cleaned down to the bare metal so it can be painted. In the engine compartment the air conditioning unit, battery tray and the brake booster has been installed. The windshield wiper mechanisms and spray nozzles are installed, also.

The convertible frame is prepared for paint. It will be prism black.

The painted fan blade and the belt have been placed onto the engine.

The work on the engine is still commencing. The glove box, instrument panel, sun visor and mirror have been installed.

The rear bumper is in place and the front one is almost ready. The lights are almost ready to install. The new gas tank, muffler and exhaust system is installed.

After the long months of hard work, it has been completely restored.

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