1934 Ford Coupe

This car is a special case. We are restoring the body by stripping it to the bare metal and repairing it where needed, replacing the front bumper, grill and radiator with new. Everything will be fit to perfection when re-assembled. The body will be painted with Martin Senour Paint with a Ford color called High Impact Blue. The customer has completed all the frame work. We will install all new glass on the body. This car will have a Flathead V-8 engine, Offenhauser heads and intake, an automatic C-4 transmission with 2 carburetors, a 9-inch rear-end, power disk brakes, A/C, and power steering that the customer has provided and finished. This project will not be a completed project at the time it leaves our shop, but we re-assembled what the customer requested.

We have repaired any issues dealing with imperfections on the body and have started the primer process. This body will be sanded and primed again before painting is started.

Now that the body has been primed and sanded, it is finally ready for its first coats of Ford High Impact Blue, which is a factory Ford color.

We, then, wet sanded and buffed several times, all the parts to the body. Then the parts and body were all put back together and set on the frame to make sure everything aligned perfectly. The various body parts were then assembled, such as windows and doors, so the car could be sent to Jackson Custom Upholstery, so they could work their magic. The hand painted pin stripes were added later by a professional who came to our shop. When this step was completed, the car had a final buff and polish, and this is the beautiful finished product.

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