1957 2×4 “E” Thunderbird Gun Metal Gray

Our customer brought his car in for a full body-off restoration, wanting it to be a top show car using C.T.C.I. standards. Originally, the exterior was black and the interior was white with black hard top and a tan soft top. When complete, the car will be as the data plate reads, which is late Gun Metal Gray on the exterior with red interior and the hard top will be late Gun Metal Gray and a black soft top. We are rebuilding the 312 engine, 2×4 barrel carburetors, and the automatic transmission.

We have to start the restoration process with disassembly, and that means removing the body and engine from the frame of the car. Every part of the car, from the nuts and bolts to the fenders and bumpers, is inventoried so every piece can be repaired and restored.

Now that the body is off the frame, we can start sanding all the old paint and any filler added off of it, so the metal repairs can be addressed. If the body of the car has imperfections in it, it will affect the paint, so this is a very important step.

The body work will now commence, since everything has been stripped off the metal and we can see what we have to work with. We start by repairing any holes or weak areas in the metal.

The car is painted and ready to be put together

The car is put back together and ready to go home to the customer. This full body off restoration is complete.

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