1965 Chevelle

1965 Chevelle

This car came to us for a partial restoration. The restoration process had already been started. The owner wanted several areas of the car repaired and restored. We started with the body, quarter panels, fenders, hood, and repaired some of the metal. There were some repairs needing to be done to the engine compartment and the interior around the dash area.


The first step with this restoration is taking the car apart and making a thorough inventory of the parts. This includes the small pieces like the nuts and bolts, and the larger pieces like the hood and fenders. Every single piece is catalogued and pictures are taken along the way for research.



This is the before and after pictures of the dash and the wiring we replaced. We had to replace the wiring for the entire car to make sure that everything would work properly.



This next process is on the car body. The body has received the first coat of primer, then it is wet sanded, the lines are checked, and another coat is applied and it is sanded again. The final coat of primer is applied and this process starts all over again. The other parts to the body receive the same treatment.


These next photos show the body and parts getting the first coat of paint. Then, after it is dry the wet sanding process is started on the paint job to smooth out any uneven lines, ripples, and other defects that will show up. This process is done to the other parts that go onto the body of the car, too. Then the car will be reassembled so the lines can be checked once again before the final steps.


This is the final stages of the reassembly process. The paint has been buffed and polished to a high shine so much that you can see the reflection of the clouds in the hood. The final parts will be assembled and the car will go home to its owner.