“F” Thunderbirds


1957 “F” Thunderbirds


In 1957 Ford decided to add some power to their Thunderbirds. This brought about the production of the “F” Bird that had a more powerful super-charged engine. Ford built a total of 21,380 Thunderbirds in 1957 and only 212 “F” Birds were manufactured. Ford made this car more powerful by adding a 300 horsepower V-8 engine, so it could be in the NASCAR racing circuit. These “Battle Birds” were modified stock and made more aerodynamic for speed. The “F” Bird raced at the Daytona Spring Speed event that year, and was clocked at 138 mph. The rarest of these automobiles had a 3-speed transmission. At the end of 1957, Ford ended the production.

Here at Hill’s Classic Cars, we have had the pleasure of restoring twelve of these classic “F” Thunderbirds. Three are in our shop currently being restored, as of June 8, 2020. Externally, you will see no difference with these classics. The difference is with the engines, transmissions, and some had heavy duty suspensions. This is why the super-charged “F” Birds are so rare. Which is one of the reasons they have became quite collectible and very desirable.

You can see some of the restorations that we have completed, and are currently working on, for our customers.


1957 Starmist Blue “F” Code Supercharged Thunderbird

1957 Starmist Blue “F” Code Supercharged Thunderbird that is one of three that were built with this color making it rarer yet. The interior is a two-tone Dresdon and Starmist Blue.The engine is a 312 supercharged 300 hp 8 cylinder. We searched for three years for this particular car, because of its color. The customer then asked us to do a full body off restoration using the Excellence in Authenticity Standards. The importance of the color was because the customer was a huge North Carolina Tar Heels fan and the color had to match as close as possible to North Carolina Blue.


1957 Thunderbird “F” Series Black