1958 Ford Skyliner Retractable

This 1958 Retractable was a rare production car from the start. Most 1958 Skyliners came equipped with the 352 cubic inch power plant and an automatic transmission. This rare find has the 332 with a standard shift on the column.

1967 Shelby GT 500

This car originally had low mileage. It was a California car and rust-free. It was built back to MCA standards and received a Gold Award. It had white exterior with blue LeMans stripes with a black interior.

1926 Harley JD

This unique motorcycle is displayed in a private museum in Rockford, IL. It is a beautiful restoration of a 1926 Harley Davidson JD with a sidecar, which is very different from the models we have today.

1938 Cadillac

According to the factory build sheet, this beauty was the last Cadillac with a rumble seat. It is quite a show stopper with its metallic oxblood maroon original factory colored exterior and its tan interior. It is a 1938 Sixty Series Cadillac Convertible Coupe with dual original side mounts and one of eight to survive, according to the Cadillac-La Salle Club records. This automobile’s many awards include Best of Class at both Meadowbrooke Concours De’ Elegance and Hilton Head Concours De’ Elegance. It, also, has won first place at the AACA Grand Nationals. Just imagine the history which goes along with this beautiful car.

1957 Supercharged Thunderbird

The goal for this body-off restoration was completed for the International CTCI Show in Portland, Oregon. This beautiful bird has a black exterior with a white interior and black soft top. It has a 312 supercharged engine, 300 hp, 3-speed over drive transmission, Town & Country radio, and fender skirts.

1957 E Thunderbird

This body-off restoration is an Inca Gold 1957 dual 2 X 4 barrel car. Originally, this car had been exported to Mexico in December of 1957. The interior is white. It has a 270 hp, 3-speed, 312 V-8 engine, power windows, power steering, brakes, and seats, Town & Country radio, fender skirts, dress-up kit, and rear mount antenna. This beauty was shown in CTCI International in Oregon and received a Gold Medallion Award and an Excellence in Authenticity Award.

1957 GMC Custom Truck
This is a resto-mod body-off restoration on a 1957 GMC truck. This beauty has been finished and delivered. It is a show stopper with its unique tobacco copper metallic Martin Senior/Planet color with a two tone custom tan leather interior. Other interesting specs on this car include a 9-inch Ford DPI Goldtrac rear end, a L460E transmission, 5.7 liter LS1 GTO engine, Meyers coil-over suspension, and rack and pinion steering. Other added features include air conditioning, power windows, XM radio/CD player, tilt steering wheel, cruise control and blue tooth. Below are the pictures before it was restored.

1951 Crosley

This car is a Supersport Roadster with a body-off restoration. Its features include a beige exterior with a red interior and black soft top. Also, this car is equipped with a 4 cylinder OHC carburetor, 3 speed transmission, and radio. This car is completed and was shown the first time in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

1948 Ford
This car is being maintained by our shop and is used throughout the area as an attraction in parades and various events within our county. It is quite a unique car and the owner has stories galore to go along with its history.

1961 Eldorado Biarritz Cadillac

This classic car, of an era gone by, is a 1961 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible done in a beautiful jade metallic exterior with a jade ostrich grain leather interior. It comes with a full array of power options and really brings back memories of a wonderful time in history.

1957 Bronze Thunderbird

This car just left the shop with its proud owner, who has been in Iraq serving our country. Thank you to all our service men for the jobs they do keeping our country safe and free. This bronze 1957 T-bird was not a complete body-off restoration at our shop, but it did get a new paint job and makeover. The owner hopes to enjoy and drive this beauty while he is home on leave. Our staff would like to thank him and wish him a safe return from his next tour of duty.

Pedal Car Thunderbird

Check this out! In Hershey, this Itty Bitty Bird was auctioned off for charity. Believe it or not, taking this little pedal car, and creating a T-bird, was quite a restoration process, and it takes an inordinate amount of time and ingenuity. The finished product was auctioned off at the Hershey Car Show in 2008. It is just too pretty and unique to actually let a little one play with it day after day.


This year, at the Hershey Auction, a replica of a Mustang called Ellie was auctioned for charity. She brought in around $2,000 at the auction and she’s a special miniature for someone to admire.